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To give each and every client the most effective service possible, DigitalSignal has developed a proccess to ensure clients receive accuracy in design and project implementation. Our staff is dedicated to providing excellent products of enduring benefit. Every successful business is built upon a solid foundation. With sound planning and construction foresight, dreams do become reality.

DigitalSignal dedicates many of its resources to understand the focus of your business. Through dialogue and research, our staff gain insight on how best to serve clients of today and potential clients of tomorrow. Whether a firm looks to create a fresh internet presence, redevelop an existing image or create a new marketing tool, our goal is success. We define success as creating an excellent, enduring product The journey to that end shall be a positive experience for new and repeat customers.

Digital Signal staff will determine the optimum means to style your website's function. In addition, staff will identify all  possible applications for potential end-users. A defined architecture outline, featuring customer accessibility and ease of operations, will be prepared. Once a structure is developed,  the information will be passed along for client review and approval. At this point, our staff welcomes additional ideas, feedback and directions. If additions or changes are not required, DigitalSignal will identify a project estimate and provide a development timeline. If alterations are indicated, we implement suggestions and follow-up with  a subsequent review. Upon final consultation, our team moves into the creative process.

Digital Signal works with clients to accommodate promotional budget considerations. Our staff can provide details on a phase-in approach to project development. Through consultation, architecture structure and goals are identified. Upon concept acceptance, the project proceeds on an identified timeline. Following agreement for this approach, our team moves into the exciting third process.

Based upon the consultation agreement and identified focus, DigitalSignal will develop two conceptual designs that meet the identified needs of both client and customer base. Both options will be presented for your review through email or select internet viewing.  The client will be asked to chose which proposal best meets corporate needs and desired imagery.  At this point, the client may request  additional change. Upon  receiving your feedback, our qualified staff will implement any revisions and resubmit design work for client go-ahead. With final approval of the conceptual design, work proceeds into the development stage.

After receiving approval on a conceptual design, qualified staff begin production. Content, provided by the client, is documented on the website and function implemented. Trained staff test and retest the site to ensure stability and continuity. Operations for both Windows XP (Internet Explorer) and Mac OS 10.4 (Safari) are examined. Once DigitalSignal personnel completes satisfactory development, the client is invited to view the functional product within a select website. After successful client review, the final process begins.

The completed project is uploaded to your website server and tested once more to ensure all is well. At this point the website design and development has concluded. Other programs, such as search engine optimization, may take place depending on what has been defined in the initial consultation. If you, the customer would like this service, please advise us through email or through telephone. We never believe that our job is done; much can be achieved as long as you dream with your eyes open.