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DigitalSignal branding portfolio gives you a preview of creative logo designs. Each design has been custom-designed to meet specific needs of each company. Our experience enables us to design the logo you need to achieve a company identity.

The Write Type.
the write type.
The customer required a logo which was artistic but also corporate and conservative to attract potential customers. The logo was developed to be stylistic and eye-catching.
The Write Type. is located in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
Misty Creek Contracting Ltd.
Misty Creek Contracting Ltd
This repeat customer contacted DigitalSignal to design a logo to represent their growing company. The client wanted something simple and to the point to identify the contracting presence.
Misty Creek Contracting Ltd is located in Calgary and Langdon, Alberta
To develop a logo for DigitalSignal, staff incorporated a circle to represent earth with each point reaching out and connected. The image becomes the symbol for global transmission and communication.
DigitalSignal is located in Langdon, Alberta 20 minutes east of Calgary