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What makes an experience rewarding? How does a good experience impact an organization? Talent and know-how coupled with skill is the key for a successful product and a positive business experience. DigitalSignal is proud to introduce our freelance artists who are committed to excellence in design and technology.

Sabrina Stumborg, founder and owner of DigitalSignal, has over a decade of experience in the industry. Since childhood, Sabrina has been involved in creative projects and at an early age gained skills required for advanced computer use. At 19-years of age, she created her first website and since that time has been involved with design, development and link-ups. A graduate of Multimedia, Communication and Design, Sabrina is well qualified for graphic work, website development and management of DigitalSignal, an interactive communications company. In addition to website design and development, her past projects include print advertisements, specialty products and promotional items. With a background in administration coupled with public relations and project management, Sabrina brings a strong mix of skills to DigitalSignal.

The role of the designer is creation. Our DigitalSignal staff uses skill and composition to develop products that reflect image. With attention to detail, we strive to produce theme and art to portray effectively the assets of each client. The presentation package is crafted to be both pleasing to the eye and user friendly. The goal of the design team is to fashion a positive company presence.

This position of the developer is a technical one. Often called behind-the-scene gurus, our team concentrates on layout, troubleshooting, access and efficiency. This process, referred to as the puzzle effect, requires highly skilled and trained individuals who begin at the core and expand outwards. The focus of the developer is to implement a model that will utilize the latest innovations in website production.

The animator creates flare. With a combination of talent and technical know-how, our qualified animator will create a flash presence. With extensive experience in a variety of fields including DVD animation, CD animation, website animation and banner applications, he brings a specialized approach to site development.

To provide our clients with a complete design package, DigitalSignal offers professional photography. The theme of the website will be captured and enhanced by utilizing images of your company and its products. Use of selected imagery, as compared to stock shots, creates an interpersonal and highly professional impression. Our photographers, experienced and knowledgeable artists, work with clients to create a quality, lasting impression.

Our editor/writer brings over twenty years experience to DigitalSignal. Responsible for content, our editor provides clients with written-word craft and skill to create a bold website presence. A published writer affiliated with a number of professional writing organizations, her work has appeared nation wide in a variety of print media (periodicals, literary magazines, collections) and online.